Built for Service

You are expected to serve in extreme conditions, our pistols are too. Built to keep up with anything you can throw at it, Shadow Systems pistols perform every time.
Good Guys
We know what’s on the line, that is why we design our pistols to be bet-your-life-reliable. Our feature-packed pistols are designed to reduce recoil, adjust grip angle, and work with your existing gear and training.
Tested & Proven
Shadow Systems pistols have been evaluated and certified through the rigorous National Institute of Justice testing protocols.

View our testing video for a detailed look at what the test looks for, and how Shadow Systems’ pistols fared during the 2-day intensive NIJ program.


Designed for the specific Challenges
found only in the line of duty
Interchangeable backstraps adjust the grip angle to fit the servicemember’s natural point of aim, allowing the gun to work well for servicemembers who prefer the feel of a Glock®, a 1911, or anything in between.

Textured and contoured frame sits low in the hand for optimal recoil control and fast follow-up shots. Directional slide serrations on the front, rear, and topside for easy manipulation under stress.

Carry-safe and drop-safe flat-faced trigger with predictable break and tactile reset.

Reliable in wet, dirty, wet, snow, wet, muddy, wet, sunny and also wet conditions. We’ve been there.

Why Shadow Systems?

Compatible with your diverse team

Why should your servicemembers have to adapt to a frame, when our frame can adapt to them. Adjustable ergonomics means Shadow Systems pistols can work for each and every member of your team.

American Made

Many claim it, but few actually deliver. Every part and pistol is made here in the U.S.A., with American materials and labor.

International Fulfillment

We have a trusted network of expert partners who will work with you to outfit your team.

Round the Clock Support

We are here to answer any questions, educate your team, and provide product support. We stand behind every single product we create, for the life of your pistol. Many of us have been in your boots.

No new gear,
No New training

As a simple, striker-fired handgun, Shadow Systems pistols require virtually no additional training or education. Compatible with most existing Glock holsters, mags, and accessories.

Testing Evaluation sample request

Don’t take our word for it. Submit a T&E
request to find out first hand.
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